Stop, if you must, then GO!

Back in high school, I was not into Physics that much. But it is only when you start to go through life that you would really appreciate it as an applied science. One of my favorites are the laws of motion because I think they are the most practical. Because we are in constant motion, aren’t we? The world revolves and every morning you wake up and life goes on.

One thing that has always struck me is that any object at rest requires more energy to get it to move than something that is already in motion. Just think about it, it is always always harder to get up in the morning after a night’s rest, right? I do not drive, but I know this applies as well. And so, in life, I somehow try to avoid having to “stop”.

When I left my career, I didn’t think of it as a “stop”. I thought it was just a re-route, a change in direction. I thought I was still going to continue moving but on a different pace. But as it turned out, when you make a shift you have to make sure you have complete control of the reigns or else, that shift will overtake you. Suddenly, I was faced with a lot of other opportunities, of possibilities, and add to that, of new roles and responsibilities as a now full-time wife and mommy (which are more demanding on all aspects – physically, emotionally, spiritually). I enjoyed it for a while until I got so tangled and I completely lost my direction, my momentum, and eventually, my sense of self.

So, at some point I had to stop. I realized I had to take a deep breath, find my starting point, clearly visualize my end goal, and take that first step again. I had to ask myself what do I really want to do, for myself and for my family? Where do I want to go from here? How do I get there? In a way I also enjoyed this moment to take some rest.

FullSizeRender (6)

What’s ahead may seem all sorts of wonderful and tempting but sometimes, it’s better to slow down, go on a full stop even, rethink, refocus, and take the next step more deliberately.

That’s how I got to the conclude the things I want. I want to get back to writing again. I want to do this blog. I want to continue the business we’ve started and continue sharing the products (that are all amazing, by the way!). I want to become the best wife and mom. But I want to build my own brand of self in the process.

Then, came the harder part – taking the first step again. It could get a bit comfortable being in that state of rest, you know. Inertia can be quite strong. So you would need a stronger external push to get going again. For me, it was my family who have always believed I can still be more than I already am. My friends who ask me every now and then “so, what now?”. My best friend who I know is just quietly watching in the sidelines , waiting for my next move. Most of all, it’s my little boy  who also grows and moves so fast, I knew I just had to keep moving to keep up, and my husband who is always excited to hear about my day, even if I just stayed at home the whole day. I gotta start giving him different stories and versions of my day again, right? And lastly, the very same goals I had set for myself.

So yeah, stop, if you must. We all need to, once in a while. And then rev up and go. More definite and stronger. Make sure the red light doesn’t take too long to turn green again.



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