Momo Beach House: Beach house of your dreams!

My husband and I love to travel (who doesn’t anyway?!). Road trips, local trips, and out-of-the-country. When it was just us two, we didn’t care much about the fancy perks like accommodation, tours, and transfers. All we needed was a bag and a Gatorade, and we can be out and about plotting our own itinerary, eating in local carinderias, trying out adventures like water rafting, reeking of the glorious smell of sun, sand, and sea, and sleeping in inns or hotels with just the basic amenities.

But all these had to change when our little boy came into the picture. Of course, we would always choose to travel and be with him (no matter how difficult it can get traveling with a baby!). But the little things I used to just shrug about I now nitpick all for the safety and comfort of our boy.

So this year, all our travels have to be carefully planned, as we still need to work within a budget but without compromising the needs of my little boy. Our first travel this year was in Bicol for a friend’s wedding. Second was our family’s summer trip in Bohol, which included my mother-in-law and my husband’s brother’s family.

Since we were traveling with kids, accommodation was among the top priority. We were looking at the usual beach hotels in Bohol but thankfully, we chanced upon Momo Beach House in a group deal site. We immediately researched about the place and found really nice photos and reviews. Not a day passed and we decided to book a family room.

DSC01067Momo Beach House sits along the shallow shore of Momo Beach, one of the beaches in Panglao Island. It is less developed than the famous Alona Beach and Dumaluan Beach, thus, less crowded. While the sand wasn’t as white and fine as that in Dumaluan Beach, I really liked the privacy and seclusion.

Online photos and reviews got us sold, but wait ’till you see the place for real! It was even more quaint and charming in reality! It was like stepping inside your lola’s nice beach house! The ambience was very homey and welcoming. The furnitures and interiors were well-thought of but not overdone. Everything was kept clean and laid-back. I even let Tino walk around the reception area barefoot, just like he’d usually do around the house.



Tino  playing with his shoes. Because life is better barefoot! 🙂

Each little trinket that you would see was like the trinkets filled with fond memories of your childhood that your mom or lola displayed in the beach house of your dreams. Like the tiny seashells you collected with your little sister, the sand you preserved in a bottle, your kuya’s  futsal table, and the books you used to read in your teens. The white sheer curtains that surrounded the receiving area seem like the ones your lola would “kula” under the sun for hours. The whole resort wasn’t also so big and intimidating. It really lived up to its name of a beach house and coming here really felt like finally being home.

What I also loved was the staff. Perhaps it’s the Boholanos’ trait, or the Amorita Group of Resorts’ signature service, but the staff were very nice and respectful. I imagined them as the helpers we’ve had for years and are considered family (again, in that ancestral beach house of my dreams! ;)). Cindy, the resort manager, was like the cousin I played with many summers ago, who chose to live peacefully in the province with lola than go to the big city with us.

As soon as we arrived, all our needs were taken care of. During our stay, all the ates and kuyas attended to us like we were their balikbayan relatives. I immediately knew we hit the jackpot when Cindy asked me if I needed a sterilizer! Yes! They provided a sterilizer in our room because they knew we have a baby with us! How thoughtful is that?!

So for 3 days and 2 nights we had a peaceful and relaxing time at the beach house. Good timing, the house wasn’t booked at all while we were there (save for a couple, who were probably honeymoon-ing) so we practically had the whole place to ourselves!



The only downside, I must say, is the limited choices on food. The beach house has a small kitchen and dining area, but their menu was not so varied. The prices were also a bit steep for the serving they offer. We would always look for seafood-fest when on vacation but didn’t find this in their menu. Though I think the staff would happily cook whatever you request as long as they have the ingredients in their kitchen.


We enjoyed our home-cooked breakfast of tocino, dried fish, and longganisa with garlic rice and eggs. And unlimited coffee!

Overall, we loved the place so much it now sits on the top spot for our dream vacation house! It exudes the peace and security that you feel when you know you’re home in your parents’ ancestral house, away from the busyness and chaos of the city. It makes you want to stay there forever and not go back to the hustle and bustle you call your “life”, because that is THE life. It’s the beach house you would always keep coming back to every summer.



Us at lola’s beach house, with our Ate Daisy, Ate Beth, and Ate Anna on both sides, and my cousin Cindy on my left.  (P.S., I’m still imagining here, so no, not their real names and Cindy’s not really my cousin >< :p)

And did I mention about the sterilizer?! That one was the winner for me! Traveling moms with baby in tow would understand! 😀


*slow clap



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