Lessons on launching a passion project

After many months (almost a year, actually) of pondering whether to pursue this or not, and another couple of months or so of trying to build this site from ground up by myself (no blog coach, no co-writer or editor, no art director or designer for the site), I am finally ready–well, almost ready–to launch!

This blog has been one of the goals I’ve always prayed for and dreamed about so to say that I am excited to share this is probably an understatement. I am ecstatic, to say the least. So while I count the hours before I make that first announcement on my FB page, I’ve decided to reflect on and list the things I’ve experienced and learned so far as I worked on this passion project:

*Passion needs purpose. Writing is my passion. So I thought I’d write, put up a blog and that’s it, I had put my passion to good use! But no. Eventually I realized it wasn’t enough. I didn’t even know what to write about at first because my blog did not have a direction. Along the way, I came to ask myself what significance can my writing offer? Passion is such a strong emotion that I thought whatever you do out of it would be surefire successful. But unless you have a clear vision for it and a good sense of direction on where you want to take it, passion remains just a passive feeling that can fade away.

*Passion has its own timeline. You may think that it’s just there, lurking at the deep corners of your mind and heart and one tap it will automatically ignite. Like an autopilot. I’ve learned it’s not like that. It follows its own timeline. It’s there but you have to let it take its own course and you just have to be sensitive about where you stand with it for the moment. You cannot rush it when it’s (or you’re) not ready yet. But when it is the right time (and you’ll know it), you have to make sure you seize it before it gets lost. It also needs a deadline.  Take too long and the flame might run out before you know it.

dreams need deadlines.png

Calligraphy and photo not mine. Grabbed from @soniahime’s IG. Thanks Sonia! :-*

*Passion is not your end goal, it’s just your beginning. Launching your passion project is not the culmination. You think you’ve put so much effort already into the launch of your passion project that it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking it was your goal. Yes, this moment gives such a definitive high. But once it is ignited, where to next? Realizing that (launching your) passion is not the goal but only the fuel that will propel you is what will sustain your project for the long haul.

Whatever passion project you’re cooking up, hope this helps! 🙂


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