Quick thoughts: Build your armor

In reaching for your goals, they often say you have to be bullet-proof. Yes, it’s not easy. In fact, as I, myself, am in the process of reaching for my own goals, I’ve come to know that it’s almost impossible to be bullet-proof. Because we are not stones; we are humans who are naturally wired to feel.

Even if you have set yourself to be far stronger than any force, you’d still feel something – a nudge, a hit, a prick. If one tiny stone was thrown at you, it may not cause a dent. But imagine if endless tiny stones were thrown at you all at the same time? I imagine at one point, it would hurt.

So what I’ve decided to be the better way to go is not to be bullet-proof. Because really, I cannot be bullet-proof. For me, it’s to build your own armor. Find out what makes up that unbreakable and indestructible shield, so strong that not a single bullet or sword or arrow can pass through and hurt your core. Build its foundation, hone it and shape it so that it becomes sharp and smooth and clear and refined. It should fit nobody else but you.

Our armor can be a compound of different things, welded together. It can be your dreams, your goals, the people who believe in you and protect you.

So, what’s your armor made of?


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