Bliss = pure happiness

In the past year, I always found my bliss from my family. I have told over and over how I was willing to give up everything for them – my corporate career, my professional skills and talents, my personal pursuits. And I did! Looking back now, I could say that was the best decision I made so far.

But bliss, as I have learned, must also come from within you. During the recent months that I have found myself more reflective through writing, I realized that I always sourced my bliss from others. Bliss of love from my husband, bliss of motherhood from my son, bliss of gratitude from my family. But what bliss can I find in myself? Writing is bliss for me, yes, but I still felt there was so much more that I could do.

So when I learned about the Get Blisstified workshop that Martine de Luna, one of the people I look up to not only in blogging but in personal branding as well and one who I think is a true ambassador of bliss, and Kimi Lu, a life coach, igniter of passion and a purveyor of bliss, are doing together I knew I just had to sign up. I missed the first run, but luckily, I got in the 2nd one which coincidentally happened 1 week before my birthday. Perfect timing! I knew I needed to gift this to myself!


Martine and Kimi, ambassadors of bliss (Photo by Myra Ho)




(Photo by Myra Ho)


(Photo by Myra Ho)

In a nutshell, I could say that Get Blisstified was a commencement event for my passion project.  It was meant to inspire and to ignite that spark that I’ve probably been putting off for a while. And it did for me and for all of us, definitely! Every portion of the 4-hour event, for me, felt like a careful trail that led me to that state of bliss – when my passion was enkindled brighter than I have ever seen or felt it. From the warm welcome and mood of the venue at Earth Kitchen, to the soothing music, the moving stories from the people I met, and the heartfelt guidance and support from Kimi and Martine. Blisstified was a coined term but nothing else could have described the experience any better!


(Photo by Nico Belasco)


Beautiful set-up at Earth Kitchen BGC (Photo by Myra Ho)


(Photo by Myra Ho)


(Photo by Nico Belasco)


(Photo by Nico Belasco)


(Photo by Myra Ho)

One of my favorite part was when we started with a quick intro and sharing of the things that we were grateful for that day. Through this, I realized that to be in that state of bliss and have all that positive energies flow within you, one must feel gratitude and contentment. Then we got into an exercise of visualization that allowed us to envision, share, and plan in actionable and realistic steps our own passion projects. The personal branding exercise has always been a favorite, although it is still a work-in-progress for me. And lastly but definitely the most inspiring for us was the actual blisstification experience, which allowed our whole being – body, heart, mind, and spirit – to experience the fruition of our passion one year from now.


The Grateful Jar that contained all the things we were grateful for that morning. (Photo by Nico Belasco)


Kimi and Martine leading us into that blisstified state. It was truly amazing! (Photo by Nico Belasco)

The best part of Get Blisstified is that it doesn’t stop there. It’s only the beginning of an actual journey to turning our passion into reality. Bliss is something that you have to sustain and I’m thankful that through the group that we have formed in this event, we have a solid source of inspiration, support, and accountability for our passion, especially when one of us strays from that state of bliss.


Make it happen, we will! (Photo by Myra Ho)


Thank you Edenstreet for this motivational stationery and Wishlist Studio for our personalized journals. (Photo by Myra Ho)

For people who have decided to take on the passion path, may it be the first time for you like me or that you’ve been at it for quite some time but you’ve come across an intersection and you need a sense of direction, this experience is definitely for you. Thanks to Martine and Kimi for coming up with this idea and bringing it to life for us. The runs for this year may be done, but you may tune in to their IG accounts and social pages for announcements on when the next will be.


Your blisstified ones love you, Kimi and Martine! (Photo by Myra Ho)


Batch 2 Blisstified! (Photo by Myra Ho)


I couldn’t wait for the gathering of our batch one year from now and see that these wonderful women I met have indeed become what they are so passionate to become. Myself included.

Many thanks to the following:

Photos c/o Nico Belasco  and Myra Ho.

Our Blisstified goodies that included motivational stationery from edenstreet, handwritten calligraphy name cards by swirlsandstrokesph, personalized journal from wishliststudio, personal mood candle by bcscentstudio, giftpass from 360fitclub, too-pretty-to-eat biscuits from thelittlewhiskph, and the raffle prizes from gratefuljarph.



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