The lure of Southern Living

I have always lived in the North. I grew up in Pampanga and then moved back to the metro for college and I have been living the city life even up to now. But I always knew there’s something about living in the South. I hear it from friends who are from the South and they always exude a sense of comfort that’s almost exclusive to them southern dwellers.

And then there’s Tagaytay, the sophisticated lady city south of the metro. Perfect climate, amazing views, country-style living, the modern comforts of the city perfectly melding with nature. Who doesn’t like to live here? My husband and I think this is the closest thing when we just want a quick break or vacay.  We love to go even just for lunch and coffee, usually on a weekend. We’d always talk about the possibilities of moving here or perhaps retiring here one day.

So just last week, when I joined a gathering organized by Avida Land in its prime development project right in the heart of Tagaytay, I found it as a perfect chance to explore those possibilities. It was held on a Wednesday, just the perfect day – no weekend out-of-town rush – to see how life could go on a regular hump and grind day when you’re living in the South.



We came from Makati and just a few minutes on the road, I already felt the contrast as we drove away from the hustle of city and into the hushed atmosphere outside of it. Amazingly, the travel itself was smooth and fast. I was having a chat with one of my “Blisstified” friends on the way and before we knew it, we were tucked in the countryside. With travel this smooth on a regular day, yes, it wouldn’t be a problem to go back and forth the metro for some business matters. Maybe even better and therapeutic than harassing your way through Metro Manila traffic if you lived in it.


It wasn’t long before we arrived at Serin Tagaytay and had a tour of the development. It’s nestled in a very good location in the heart of Tagaytay – a good distance away from all the tourist-y spots that Tagaytay is known so you can steer away from the clamor, but still along the main road which makes it very accessible.

I really like the name, Serin. It promises serenity, peace and composure. And as I stepped into Serin West Tower 1, I knew it can live up to that promise. With high ceilings and huge glass windows plus the rustic feel, you won’t feel closed out from the majestic views and freshness of nature, instead, it lets you be surrounded by it and dwell in the midst of it all.







Now, on to the nest itself. We were given a chance to check out a one-bedroom Serin East model unit housed in the pavilion. And my first impression was just “wow!”, because the floor area seemed a lot bigger than most 1BR units that I’ve seen. It was around 40 sqm (if I’m not mistaken) but the lay-out of the interior was carefully and practically thought of. It has a living area perfect to receive some guests, a dining area and kitchen to enjoy a hearty meal or some wine and cheese and good conversations, and a bedroom where you can enjoy some privacy without feeling claustrophobic. I could picture me, my husband, and our little boy having a lazy breakfast in bed.





What I also like about Serin Tagaytay is the community that is built around it. Avida is known for developing sustainable estates and Serin is no exception. The nearby Ayala Malls Serin provides a perfect venue and access to other comforts such as restaurants and coffee shops when we feel like going out for some fresh air, and necessities like a department store and a grocery for errands.  Soon, I know it will have amenities for leisure, too, where we can go swimming or strolling or just out in the lawns and enjoying the breeze and feeling like we’re on vacay everyday.

So, after seeing these possibilities, do I see myself and my family living in the South? Yes, yes..we definitely could get used to it, yeah?




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