Stuck in a Rut? 5 steps how to (well, I try to..) get out of it

THREE MONTHS!!! Three full months of not doing anything for this blog! Unfinished blog posts, unanswered emails and comments, unopened reader! I got busy, got caught up with other new things, and coupled with little bouts of doubt…Gaaaahhh!!!

Don’t worry, I would not try to narrate here the why and what I’ve been doing. But I’m sure you know that being in a rut is a hard place or situation to be in. It could get dragging, guilt-ful, or ironically, even so COMFY (like a nice bed with the softest sheets that you just wanna lie there all day..hmmm…. Getting out would take as much energy as getting started all over again.

Looking back in those three months of rut (hopefully I’m not anymore counting!), I’ve realized there are certain things that I’ve done that helped me..rather, that HAVE BEEN helping me to get back on track again. Well, I’m happy to be finally typing my thoughts down here again, at 4 AM in the morning, my “magic hour” or dawning, as I like to call it. Well, I’m sharing them here, and whatever RUT you may find yourself into – a job rut, relationship rut, passion rut – hope these little tips can also help you to get up and out of it.

  • Talk to someone. More often than not, we refuse to admit that we are in a rut. We make up excuses for ourselves. Admission is an important first step. And often, talking to someone may be the therapeutic act of admission that you need. Saying it out loud and sharing it to someone you trust is like having that loud wake-up call that would take you back to perspective. Of course, needless to say, that someone should be a person you trust and ideally, someone who has a broader perspective of your situation so he/she can give you a sound and objective advice, like a mentor or a trusted colleague.

I’ve had this sort of wake-up call by the end of my 2nd month of rut and I immediately e-mailed one of our #getblisstified coaches, Martine de Luna. We’re currently about to get on-board a personal blog coaching program, which will pave the way for the formal launch of Winsomehood! Yaasss!! I couldn’t be more excited!!



  • Get yourself a nice pick-me-upper. Find a little tangible thing that will excite and inspire your soul and passion over and over again, especially when you feel you’re beginning to fall into that trap again. It could be anything, from a nice notebook, a little keychain, a meaningful bracelet, a chic mug for your coffee – anything that could be a reminder for you to get your act together again.

In my case, I didn’t realize I needed this until my aunt gave me a new planner. I wasn’t planning on getting one this year. Ever since I resigned from my corporate job, planners did not work for me anymore. Half of my previous year’s planner remained blank.  And well, I figured that’s probably why I’ve lost focus and got myself in a rut in the first place. So I’ve  made a resolution that this CBTL The Giving Journal, a Christmas gift from my aunt, will be my pick-me-upper whenever I find myself dwindling downward again.


Oh! And I’ll hug my son anytime I need a double dose of inspiration! My ultimate pick-me-upper!

  • Re-draw your vision board.  I only started making my own vision board last year and admittedly, it helped me a lot in getting a clearer picture of what I want to achieve. I get cut-outs from magazines, inspo from Pinterest, write down favorite quotes, and print photos of my family and loved ones.

BUT having your own vision board is not always a guarantee. There can be a lot of distractions along the way that eventually even your own vision board can become an abstract visual to you (this was what happened to me!). So I’ve learned that it is very important to also COMMIT to your vision. Re-visit it always. Having a few tweaks here and there may be acceptable but always have a core that you would commit to carry on and follow through.

I’ve heard of a Vision Board Workshop early this month and I’m bummed that I didn’t get to attend it, but I would suggest that you attend these kinds of workshop at least once. It was a gathering organized and hosted by Make It Blissful in collaboration with Vision Board coach, Trixie B. Esguerra. Hopefully they’ll make another run. We can tune in to their website and social media pages for any announcement.

  • Don’t be afraid to indulge in your thoughts. Perhaps, this is one of the hardest part. In some cases, the rut you are in can become your comfort zone and going out of that comfort zone A.K.A rut is what can become your fear. Yes, it can take courage to jump out of it again, almost the same amount of courage that you needed to muster when you started in the first place, if not more. But you got to do it!

I’ve had this fear of opening my blog site during my rut because it was, obviously, a painful reminder of this rut I was in. But it’s amazing how once you’ve gone through it, inspiration can strike even more vigorously! As they say, magic happens outside your comfort zone!



  • Forgive yourself. And lastly, yes, you have to forgive yourself. Cut yourself some slack. You didn’t intentionally get yourself into that rut. You want to start again and that’s what’s important.


And I personally think that the most important thing is that you also pray for it. Ask wisdom from God to know where He should be leading you. And when you get that wisdom, it would be hard to fall into another rut again.

Now, go get yourself some mint chocolate. 🙂


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