Hi, my name is Carly. I’m an advertising/PR exec turned full-time wife and mama. Yep, I ditched my comm plans, powerpoint decks and conference meetings for lazy breakfasts, messy plays and chaotic wingding with my honey and our super adorable son. Sounds blissful, right? It most definitely is!

I’ve always loved writing. Though for the longest time, it has been a private thing for me. I’m one of those old-school girls who kept coffee-or-slurpee-stained journals deep down at the bottom of the dresser and had them in volumes written through the different coming-of-age stages. Not really because there are deep secrets in there. But just because I thought that’s how you should keep diaries. Ha! And during one of my “nesting mama” sessions, I found them again and thought what a waste – of words, of feelings, of experiences – because they weren’t shared.

After (indefinitely) resigning from my career, I also ventured into a new business that allows me to learn about and share amazing products not easily available in the market. Trying these products personally was already half the fun, but with my full daily mommy duties, it is sometimes hard to inject the marketing part.

Hence, this winsome blog! I’ve found it as a perfect way to share to people these two things I am passionate about. Hopefully, what you find here are practical things and stories that you, too, can enjoy and benefit from. I called it Winsomehood, because I realize that womanhood takes a lot of facets and it’s these things and more that really make being a woman fascinating, delightful, and delicate altogether – in short, winsome!

So feel free to browse through the posts. Wellbeing is all about taking care of our self, both physical and health-wise, so we can feel good inside out. Like food and recipes, travel, fitness, fashion, health and beauty. And because don’t we just love to be pampered one way or another?

Pursuits is where we share about goals and about different ways to achieve them. Goals for our families, for our businesses, our careers, our finances, and for our personal growth as women. It’s about sharing not just the destination but the journey itself, because the most part is really how we get to it.

Last but not least, Passion is all about our most treasured calling – being a wife and a mom. Because these two roles are what fuel and propel everything I do and everything we’ve become.

And again, this is all about sharing. It would be interesting to hear from you as well. So drop a comment or send me an email about anything and I would love to collate and publish various stories from winsome women as well. Let’s all join in the ‘hood!

And oh, before you go, don’t forget to always drop by the Winsome Pouch. You may just find something that will tickle your fancy. 😉



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